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So my latest Kickstarter was a success - though one by the skin of my teeth. Man, the skin on my teeth have been getting a real workout this year. So a rundown and a video after the jump.

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Gorilla Nation!

With a goal of $21,000, my Kickstarter met it's funding goal at $21,555. The vast majority of that was funding from friends and family - I got very little press coverage, and so very few other people jumped on the bandwagon. I won't go fully into an after action review of the funding drive - that's for another post - but I will say that while a certain amount of the lack of press can be chalked up to news sites just getting too much mail and mine getting lost in the mess - I think it's also useful to acknowledge that is was probably also a case of my game just not being THERE yet. Wherever THERE is. So keeping that in mind, I'm going to redouble my efforts on frequently testing users with the game, getting feedback, and iterating the HELL out of the game. At least until everyone who looks at it can say "My god, that is so THERE I don't even know where HERE is anymore."

So here is a video of a finished iteration on the Quill Throwers, which I think both look better, are sized more appropriately, and just... FEEL better.

Now it takes two weeks for Amazon to process the payments for the Kickstarter, so I should be getting those funds soon and be able to begin fulfilling rewards, which is something I'm pretty psyked about. As a side effect of having mostly friends and family donate, almost none of them picked reward levels that cost me and the project money - so a lot more of the Kickstarter funding is going to go directly into artwork, music, and gameplay. Now that's something to get excited about. :)



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