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That’s right Kickstarter is now live and you can check it out here and in this post we will be detailing a few more things you can expect from us in the coming weeks. We hope you choose to support us and help us reach our £8500 goal and spread the word to friends and family so that we can reach our overall aim of releasing Zone: Commando.

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Announcing Zone: Training Grounds

A new game? Well yes and no Training grounds will be released to all backers on Kickstarter and will come out before Commando and it is a preview game to Zone: Commando. So what is it? Training Grounds is a single player kill house type game where players set the fastest time and highest score and share it online via leader boards and social integration (But without those annoying Facebook game invites). Training Grounds will initially ship with two different challenges each in its own simulation arena (map) and will challenge the player differently.

The way we can make Training Grounds is because it shares the same base code as Commando and also gives all backers a game to play to bridge the gap between Kickstarter and Zone: Commando we are hoping to release it on Steam as well as DRM free and let backers receive it in both formats. This will not take our time away from Zone: Commando but will allow us to perfect other aspects within the game. Training Grounds will also release free challenge packs as DLC periodically too so replayability comes into account.


If you have seen the Kickstarter page you’ll have seen the rewards this list is what we wanted and thought you may want as backers. These rewards will mainly ship out by the end of the year but some such as in-game content and games will ship as they are ready (hopefully at the same time) future rewards such as DLC packs will be released to backers as they are ready and before they are released for sale. Website and digital rewards will be immediately after Kickstarter to show your support on our forums and to get anything that has no delay straight to backers.

Rewards are what Kickstarter is about and we want to fully fit in with things so besides the normal rewards we will be adding in new rewards on the way as well as adding new ones per stretch goals which you can see below;£8,500We can get what we need done to Finish Zone Commando£10,000Expect an extra bonus map plus some finer details added


Gives us the ability to get some improved technology to refine the game


We’ll add in a second Bonus map and get more characters and weapons in the game


We’ll be able to get stats onto the website as well as other back end improvements. Free DLC packs periodically (Separate from the paid packs)


We’ll refine the game as best as possible and add in some secret content!

Risks, Challenges and Info

One risk Zone: Commando as a unexpected project faces is delays to the schedule, delays are an inevitable part of development but some will be overcome by assessing what game content is essential and what is causing problems/non-essential to the development and overall vision and make sure only essential features and features not causing setbacks remain.

If Zone doesn’t finish production (due to unforeseen circumstances) backers will be rewarded with content and a free copy of our next game we can provide to as many backers as possible. We would not be able to provide refunds to backers in any circumstances as we will have spent it on development resources and also for paying developers with milestone royalties so the money is going in the right places from the off and we will let you know each time it is spent so you can see where the Kickstarter backing is going.

One challenge is to make sure all content is put together most core game elements are ready and just need to be put into place, we love our asserts quality and now it is about creating the final assets and refining them as well as piecing everything together to make a flowing game.

The other challenge is to get online working to a good standard this is our biggest hurdle but we have the skills in our team to make it happen and to an acceptable standard as minimum.

What is coming next…

Coming each week will be a schedule of KS related interviews, videos, galleries, news and other content as well as the normal week by week TGI posts covering what has been going on each week. This week has some exciting content coming up features on the AFA including unseen concept art we’ve kept just for Kickstarter and also a feature on the Multiplayer and Operations map Crater. This coming week will then be followed up by a TGI covering how the first week of Kickstarter has been as well as an inside look to what we have been up to development wise this coming week.

To be continued…

This is only one of many posts to come in this Kickstarter period.
Stay tuned.
- J45PER

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