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The kickstarter is finally live! After 3 weeks of working on everything all myself day after day it is finally time to bring it to the world, considering how much time and effort has gone into the kickstarter I really hope it goes over well. With the KS launch I have also released a new BETA package just for this occasion!

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Kickstarter Live Link:

First off I want to thank everyone who has played and shared the game so far, I am really glad a lot of people are enjoying it so far! I especially want to thank the beta testers for taking the time to go through the game and help work the bugs out, beta testing is an important part of the development process so it means a lot. Following that I want to also add that within the past week or so I have been very fortunate to have found some very talented up and coming artists who are contributing to the promotional as well as some cosmetic graphics for JBS.

The funding from this fundraiser is supporting me for the next 6 months and pay for artist services. As of now I have no steady income and am really putting myself on a tightrope wearing a blindfold and asking the audience to guide me. This is something I have to do because we all have to go for our dreams, the ones that bring us joy through the challenges and rewards.

Enjoy the new demo and please contribute to the Kickstarter if you like the game!

If you don't have the funds to help contribute to the kickstarter I can level with you, if that's the case please at least share the link.That would be very helpful to get the word around.

JBS v1.4.5 Beta :

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