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Hey guys, thanks for being here. Really exiciting to presend our kickstarter project!!

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Hi guys, we are gladly annouce you that our project "Take2Heaven" on Kickstarter is now live.
Take2Heaven is Action RPG on mobile both IOS and android. we intend to make it combatful, meta gaming and various of costomization.

Take2Heaven base concept is from book of revelation while good human souls was already taken by God, but most of them are bad that make Heaven are so desolate and God gone sad. so as we play as angels we decide to go to the Earth and Take every lefting souls to the Heaven even it good or bad.

To fight agains bad souls Angels need to collect favor and loots from all over the world, craft from them. Also they can learn and upgrade thier skills and choose to equip any type of armor they want for many meta that player be able to imagine.

Key features:

  • start with 5 classes (will be more and more) each class have more than 10 unique skills
  • more than 50 equipment
  • more than 90 Pet avaliable
  • Arena challenges and Ranking
  • Co-op & PvP multiplayer modes (Future)

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