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Keyraoke v2.0 finally released! In this version of Keyraoke there is a lot of big changes, which make the game more dynamic and clear. The game play now feels completely different, even though the basic rules are quite the same. Check out what changed!

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Keyraoke v2.0 is finally avaliable to download!
Check out at or:
Keyraoke v2.0

The game is now a lot more user-friendly, because it's informing you about the important stuff, like when you are able to type, when you are typing the lyrics incorrectly etc. The new way of displaying lyrics also makes it a little more clear which line you have to type and provides better view into the lyrics in Open Mode (you will always see the next 8 lines that you have to type). Another very important thing is an option to go back to the previous line and beeing able to correct it! I know that people make mistakes and it was quite unfair that there wasn't an option to correct them. Now those days are gone...

Here is the full list of changes in this version:

  • Different way of displaying lyrics. The line you're typing is now displayed in the middle. When you confirm it - it goes up. Same with the correct lyrics in Realtime Mode and Open Mode - they move up, so the line you have to type is always in the middle.
  • Keyraoke v2.0 screens
  • Early mistakes-alerting system. Now you will be informed about your mistakes immediately in a lot of ways (with a sound, red colour of the lyrics background and the wrong letters displayed in red).
  • Keyraoke v2.0 screens
  • Going back to the previous line. You can now move between the lines with the [Backspace] to correct your mistakes.
  • The lyrics background is changing colours. It turns green when you are able to type and stays this way while you type correctly. If you make a mistake it turns red. When you confirm the line and wait for the next one - it goes grey.
  • Keyraoke v2.0 screens
  • The new way of displaying lyrics also in Match lyrics tool. In Match lyrics tool the lines of lyrics also move up after you match them, so the line you're matching is always in the middle.
  • Keyraoke v2.0 screens
  • Buttons get bigger when you hover them. This is a slight change that makes hovered buttons more visible.

Try this new version and feel the difference!
Or if you've never played Keyraoke before - now it's a great time to start ;)

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