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New version of Keyraoke is now avaliable to download!

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Keyraoke v1.1

New version of Keyraoke is now avaliable to download!
It may still have some bugs so if you see any - contact me.

The list of changes in this version:

  • More mouse support. Now you can select a song / an album / the game mode using the mouse only! Also choosing a directory in Remove songs / Add an album / Match lyrics tools can be done with the mouse now!
  • Highlighting the mistakes. Whenever you fail typing a line, you will now see where exactly you've made the mistake!
  • More fair scoring. Now your score for each line depends on its length. You'll get more points for a longer line than for a shorter one. Scoreboard now shows the percentage of each mark (Perfect, Great etc.) which depends on how long were the lines which got this mark.
  • Two more songs in the Keyraoke Standard album. Brady Harris - North Hollywood Skyline and Hey Eugene! - Big Sail are now in the Keyraoke Standard album!
  • Updated graphics. The lyrics background is darker so now they are more visible. There are also some changes in the menus, so they look better with the new buttons (which are added in order to allow mouse control).
  • It doesn't matter if you type uppercase or lowercase. You can now type this, This, THIS or even ThIs - it will still count as correct!
Keyraoke v1.1 screensKeyraoke v1.1 screens

Check out Keyraoke's Official Site for more information:

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