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A tool for managing key-binds. This tool will be present in MOAM v2.8. You will not be forced to use keybinds, like in v2.7 and older. So get it now, get used to it, if you want to use advanced features and cheats.

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WHAT IS "MOAM Keybinds Manager"?

# A standalone addition which is compatible with any mods. (only F12 key in coalesced.bin is reserved.)
# It is an extension/add-on to your key bindings (from in-game options).
# It is a structured list of executable text-files containing functions assigned to buttons. (you choose buttons yourself)
Note: To enhance the visibility inside text-files, I advise to turn off "View -> Word Wrap" in Windows Notepad. However, "Notepad++" has better font - I use that.


# It brings keyboard personalization for ME3 to new level.
# You can fine-tune your keyboard layout to suit specific needs by changing just a few characters in a text-file.
# It unlocks TONS of additional functions and brings game-play to new level.
# It eases and speeds up testing/modding.
# You can switch between keyboard layouts during game-play in a matter of seconds.
# You can share your layouts with other people.
# It is a standalone addition which is compatible with any mods. (only F12 key in coalesced.bin is reserved.)

# Install it.
# After installation, go to
[...\Mass Effect 3\Binaries]
folder. All files which start with "KM" are Keybinds Manager files.
Further instructions read there, in the "KM_PresetMANAGER.txt".


Here, use this preset along with savegames to play testingmaps with modded power combinations.
First: download this pack:

Put career folder ''Testingmaps'' in your Save folder.
Put Preset file in Binaries folder, then add it's name in PresetMANAGER.txt and enable the preset.
Read additional info inside the Preset file to know what keys are binded and what you can do.

Launch ME3, in Main Menu press F12!
Load one of "MPPlay" saves from TESTINGMAPS career.

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Forgot to mention that most heavy weapons will not work, unless you have "chemieali coalesced mod v1.5", or "Mother of All Mods".

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v03 is out. Added features for DLC Citadel. Also, installation is a bit easier.

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