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Propably one of the most unique game created! Well, if its not, it is for the devs...

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Why it is wonderful? Because, first, its a game, then because it is made by an indie developer and because its Kenshi!

The simple reason why we all play Kenshi, or we want to play it, is simply because you can almost do everything you want! it is regulary updated, have a wonderful community and a bunch of other stuff...

If you dont know Kenshi, just look on their forum, you might find something that tells you "Hey, I want this game!" or you will simply read its description and tell yourself the same thing! Try to imagine the game in the next years, its impossible, because you would be able to do anything you want!

Also I dont know why I am making this bunch of spaces and letters, propably just because I wanted to write something about that game.

Lets just give Chris some admiration and buy another copy of the game just to make him happy!

Now, stop reading this, and get back to gaming!

Ho! And also welcome to those who are oining the group! even if there is not a lot of new people...

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