Post news RSS Kek Doom Entry no. 3 (10/11/17)

This is the third article tracking development progress of kekdoom, Doom II mod.

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It's almost done

The core game is completed, and the bitbucket repository is now public, which means you can clone it either by using Mercurial or download zip file. It is playable from start to finish but it's still full of bugs.

The release is, as stated, 11/09/17.

Things to do before release

  • Imp replacement sprite
  • Mancubus replacement sprite
  • Revenant replacement sprite
  • Custom final boss sprite
  • Put more monsters (for different difficulties)
  • Final tweaks
  • Intro and dialogs
  • Launcher app


Dev diary for 10/08/17

Bitbucket repository

You can get via Mercurial 'hg clone' or download zip in 'Downloads' section.

Please note that the version on bitbucket is still in development which means it may contain bugs,

and/or be totally unplayable without cheats.

You can send me a feedback, either via PM or by e-mail

Please put 'Kekdoom' into the subject, so it forwards to my personal e-mail, therefre I can respond sooner.

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