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This is a dev diary of kekdoom mod from September 27th.

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Overall progress

First of all thank you for the comments. It really encourages me to work.

As of now, the mod is technically beatable from start to finish, including the boss battle in MAP05 and the outro map with credit roll and the Shadilay song :). Nearly all functionality bugs were fixed. As of visual part, the mod needs still a lot of work, from aligning textures/sprites to adding better fonts and replacing all original doom sprites.


  • General functionality
  • Weapon functionality
  • 5 Maps
  • Most of the monster
  • Dialog library (with no dialog options yet)
  • Monster waves library
  • Boss battle
  • Ejecting brass (switchable by cvars)
  • Removed Ketchup gore mod dependecy


  • General look of the levels, monsters and weapons
  • Boss sprite
  • Boss for map04
  • add more custom monster sprites
  • Fix sound volumes
  • More voice lines
  • Shotgun aiming +buff
  • Rework quad shotgun
  • Rocket launcher add non-seeking mode
  • Ability to skip entire cut scene
  • Story elements like In game Dialogs Intro + Outro cutscene
  • test with freedoom
  • test with other Gzdoom versions and Zandronum
  • Launcher app in C++ for Windows (that automatically finds IWAD, lets you turn kethchup on/off)
  • Properly credit all resources

Ideas (that may or may be included):

  • Another map between MAP04 and MAP05
  • Nazi enemies +MP40
  • Other player classes
  • custom weapons/view models for the classes

Dev diary videos

Dev diary video from 9/19/2017

I post dev diary videos on youtube. I usually do that before writing articles, so feel free to subscribe to watch them first. I also post some short videos, that I don't post here.

Future development

I started the university this week, so the development will be a bit slower now. I also have a just a bit of social life :). The release date is still the same. The final release will be shipped as an .exe NSIS installer as well as a zip file.

The early access to the repository will be given in a week. The repository will contain all the files necessary to run the mod plus some developer files.

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