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Before first description of the Kaurava crusade with the Black Templars.

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Hello, I just finished the Templar Black Crusade on the Kaurava system
It will be a BT exclusive campaign in the sense that you will not be able to play SM. they are replaced by the order of the temple.
as I modified the texturing art files.
The combination with the scarmich pieces is also not compliant.
As well as the AI ​​which seems very difficult to understand.
But everything else is working fine, all the cards, the units are very close to the BT origin.
And you can embark on the Lost Territories Crusade.
One last thing, when playing BT AI it's you, but wishes are honored.
There are 2 main commanders, the Castellan and in the middle of the game the Marshall, I would publish an article on the hierarchy and the history which holds with the great crusade of the lost territories.
In KIII we can meet Chaplain Grimaldus during the crusade and have him in good hands, go free him the Necrons are torturing him, you will recover him in small pieces but much stronger ...
The maps are large and I increased the unit jump, a lot of maps are revised and compatible with aviation.
the size of the files forces me to do 2 PACS, a General and an Art which contains all the textures, icons and new units.
It remains easy to install, this mod works with Unification, other races are slightly affected.
On line the December 6 2021

Elzear_1er Author

finally I reduced the installation a bit and there is only one file, it's much simpler.
I integrated into the campaign, the new textures for the SoBs, from the steel stormtrooper to the GIs, new Tau units and the Tau are in the Tau colors of Dark Crusade. the maps are aviation compatible, or almost all ... (some stronghold maps are not) but everything remains playable. the only bug that I could not solve is that sometimes land-speeders have a pink icon !! For the videos I didn't do it, it was a bit too long to redo everything but above all I don't know how to do ...

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Elzear_1er Author

La Croisade est là :

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