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This is a Bio referring to fictional German Field Marshal Karl Krämer, who like Lars Karnor, was born during the events of the Far Away War, and played a vital aspect in the Earth Imperial War, especially during his role in the Fall of Earth Era that lasted from 2018 to 2020, before the Galactic Empire conquered the planet as a whole, and the occupation of Earth began on October 22nd, 2020.

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Karl Krämer was a German Field Marshal during the Fall of Earth Era, in the early years of the Earth Imperial War, and was basically known for being responsible for the entire German Military during the Galactic Empire's Invasion of Earth, while serving under Chancellor Von Wish.

He is known for Operation Poseidon, during the Icelandic Theater, and leading both his own forces, and American and Soviet forces through Imperial lines during the height of the Icelandic Campaign in April of 2019.

He is also known for having to have his own persnal submarine fleet take part, in the evacuation of Greenland, during the Orbital Bombardment of the nation on April 3rd, of that same year, where as a result he would lose 35 of his own submarines to the Galactic Empire.

Early Years

arl Krämer was born in 1986, and was one of the children to have grown up through the Far Away War, during the time of the Occupation of Droids that lasted from 1993 to 2003, He was born from Aachen, Germany to an Industrial Family, his father worked in the factories, while his mother was a nurse during the Far Away War.

By 1992 Karl lost his mother, when Germany was Invaded by the Trade Federation causing him and his father to abandon Aachen, and fled into the woods in the countrysides of Germany, as the entire providence was overrun by Trade Federation forces.

Karl never returned to Aachen, throughout the remainder of the Far Away War, where he mostly survived by hunting, and moving through the forests of Germany with his father.

Earth Imperial War Era

Following the Far Away War's end in 2003, Karl joined the army in 2005, where he served as an Infantryman in the German Military during the reconstruction process of Earth, he was mainly tasked with aiding in the reconstruction of Germany, which suffered heavily in the Far Away War, but things would drastically change by 2018, when the Galactic Empire Invaded Earth.

Fall of Earth Era

During the time of the Fall of Earth Era, in the early years of the Earth Imperial War, he still served as an infantryman in the German Army during the first months of the war, but was eventually promoted to Field Marshal by Chancellor Vermin, who took over command of Germany following the death of Chancellor Leopold Muller, in early 2019.

He became the head of the head of the entire German Military, Airforce, Army and Navy, and is currently running Operations in Iceland, and became the head director for Operation Posiedon.

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During the course of his months as a Field Marshal, Krämer launched multiple attempts with the Kriegsmarine in order to try and aide in the evacuation of Greenland, during the destruction of Greenland, while in doing so lost most of his Submarine Fleet in the process, leaving only 5 vessels to return to Hamburg Germany in one peace, following the destruction of Greenland, it soon became obvious that the war on Earth was taking a terrible turn, after the Empire broke out of the Middle East in March of 2019, and began to spread across Europe, and Asia.

The situation only heightened, as Greenland was not the only nation on Earth to be orbital bombarded by the Empire, as the nation of Iceland also experienced a terrible event back in February of 2019, which left most of Iceland's population either dead, or in hiding.

Him along with Russian and British Allies ended up being trapped behind Imperial Lines and ended up hiding out in the Town of Elenore, but signaled for the rest of the 5th Army of German forces which is said to be over 7,000,000 Strong to launch a full scale Blitz attack against Imperial occupied Iceland, on April 10th, 2019.

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