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This is main information about Karagaunli Empire, new state of my universe. Dont ignore please

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Karagaunli are hekatonheir race, which representatives didnt want to serve Kaloyan Dominion. This part of mighty race formed to another group. First their leader started to be Leppold Hosniuski. He was first who made own state in planet Hosnia and then captured ten other planets. Kaloyan, Patriarch of Dominion, was not available to fight with Leppold. Yotuns almost destroyed empire of Kaloyan and main Dominion forces didnt make war with new realm. Leppold made his state as powerful star country with huge forces and space fleet. After the year of ruling, Leppold died because of his enemies, who didnt like his new titule. Nikifor-von-Petr killed ruler of empire and became new leader. He added Kaisers monarchy there and now Karagaunli started to be despothic state. All political traitors became punoshed by secret forces of kaiser. This realm now have one of the most bloody government systems in the whole universe.


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