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Kane's Wrath was left at an unpolished state after the game was abandoned for EALA future games. This mod is an attempt to fix the myriad of bugs and gameplay inconsistencies left behind.

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Kane's Wrath Bandage is a mod in an attempt to fix Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. The game was left at an unpolished state, even after only two patches before being abandoned by EA. Bugs ranging from visual, gameplay, design, outdated statistics, broken AI design.

This package is a compiled release of the mod and is recommended to be used with WrathEd Mod Launcher.

Extract and place folder into "Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Mods". Then launch using WrathEd Mod Launcher

For the source, visit the Github page where updates are expected to happen more frequently:

Patch Notes will be found here and in the package:

Known Issues:

Special Thanks to;
SAGE Engine Modding Discord Server
Megumi/Darth Jane, Golan, Shmafoozius: WrathEd
Bibber: Asset extractor
Lauren/Darth Jane: Assimilator Animation extractor
Jonwil: APT2XML Tool
OpenSAGE Team: OpenSAGE Blender Plugin
Stygs: Providing Models

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