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The latest goings on featuring Kage. Also the game's release date has been confirmed.

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This update is actually a combined 3 updates in the past week!

In short, I decided to stream line the game, optimizing it and revamping many of the systems to work better with one another and build upon each other. The following is just a list of all the updates I've done in the past few days, also I've settled on a Release date- August!

(WIP Images-not the final product)

Update #1

  • You can expect an experience that focuses on synergistic game play. What I mean is that each element of game play flows into and enriches one or more other aspects of game play. This is done to give the game more of a goal based game play vibe. Just whacking things isn't enough, you should aim to cripple your foes, exploit their weaknesses and really think about how you want to build your character.
  • Basic combat has been enhanced to be more interesting.
  • The crafting system has been expanded to reach into every part of the game, you can craft weapons, gear, tools and items. In addition, these will play a heavy role in how powerful you are as a ninja.
  • The world of Kage has been revamped. I plan on implementing a world map, which can be used to travel from area to area as you leave your village.
  • Each area is now a zone which has 1-3 different levels to it. Within these zones you can combat, explore and fight occasional bosses.
  • In addition, the squad system has also been improved and features custom elements such as squad based roles and squad abilities.
  • Also during this time I will be working to bring forth all of the features of kage (there are many, most were just disabled for past testings) and finishing up the story (at least one saga of 3).

Update # 2-4

  • Revamped the Item/ Inventory system in Kage. The focus is to make the game more about what players enjoy, namely using combat and the ninpo. Now there has been an element of crafting expansion in the game. You can create your own tools, armor and weapon based on the items you get from enemies or in the environs.
  • Armor, Weapons and the new Addition of Accessories have been revamped as well. Gear can now boost your stats, such as HP, SP or Power. In addition, the quality of the gear affects the level of the increases.
  • The Ninpo system has been revamped as well. In game, you learn and switch between learned elements on the fly. These elements are transferred to your ninpo. Ninpo falls into two classes, Formless, and Elemental. Formless ninpo are ninpo that will adapt to your currently selected element (if any), whilst Elemental ninpo will always be slightly more powerful and only use the element associated with the ninpo.

    For instance,"Phoenix Flames" would be a fire element technique that can only be used by those who have learned the flame element.

    In addition to this, Ninpo will be custom crafted, though I haven't specifically added this into the game (yet)
  • The Tools system have also been revamped to compliment the way crafting is now handled. The quality of your tools will affect how useful they are in combat. In addition, the bow weapon has been made into a tool.

    All tools have a certain number of uses, when a tool is empty, it can be refilled. You can hold up to 5 tools at a time, and swap between up to 3 presets(not implemented).

    Of note is the ability to apply the effects you want to your tools via the new crafting system. Fex: Adding poison to shuriken or kunai. Each tool can support up to 3 additional effects on them, allowing you more freedom to make nasty combinations meant to totally destroy your foes.
  • Weapon count has been dropped to 6, in addition, all weapons are now melee. All ranged attacks come from Ninpo and Tool use. Weapons are split into 3 categories, Intelligence, Agility or Power based. This determines the attribute which contributes to your lethal nature in combat. You can equip two weapons and switch between each in combat (not yet implemented)
  • Added new Ninpo skills, "Seals". Seals are invisible, land-mine like techniques. When an enemy or a player steps on a seal, it will activate. Seals can have various effects. In addition, some seals can also trigger nearby skills in a "chain explosion" type explosion.
  • Added two evasion type skills, "Kawarimi", each is different slightly.
    casting one allows the player to automatically avoid damage one time when struck. The second activates the ability to traverse long distances by clicking a turf. In either case, your body will swap places leaving a log behind as per popular ninja lore.
  • Cloak Ninpo form, cloak ninpo cloaks the player's body in element. When struck by another player or enemy, some of the damage will be transferred over to the attacker. In addition, if you mold elemental energy into your ninpo,
    it may trigger an additional ailment.
  • Barrier ninpo has made a return. Basically the barrier absorbs damage on your behalf. When the barrier disappears, it shatters.
  • Upgraded the way projectiles "end", and added some hit effects to normal attacks, (like blood spurts, etc).
  • Started putting together the visual elements of the user interface. Everything has been completely revamped.

    This includes a new HUD / meter , new menu lay outs and a few more things to make the game easier to digest. The old menu was a bit clunky, this one is more stream lined.
  • Added auto regen to the game. You gain stamina quickly, and only regain chakra when you are forming hand seals.
  • Ninpo slots have been removed from the game, now you can access any ninpo you've learned by simply using the hand seals, each ninpo has unique sets of hand seals. This means you can truly unleash any skill you've learned at will during combat (provided you've memorized the seal sequence).
  • Sealing has been altered slightly, Press Q once to start sealing/gathering chakra. While in this state, pressing the WASD keys will double as forming hand seals. Press Q again to release the seal, and cast a ninpo based on the seals. Pressing F during this time will cancel the inputs you've placed in already.

In all, I'm rebuilding the game and things are going well.

Check out the discord to stay tuned into Kage's progress.

Kage : Rise Discord

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