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Cancelled unless somebody wants to port whatever I make when it is finished backwards to K1's engine any time in the future, they are welcome to provided credit is given of course.

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The link for the K2 mod and K1 Port is :

Unless for some un-likely reason I change my mind, I have cancelled plans for an Expanded Galaxy based in KotOR's engine and will instead focus on an Expanded Galaxy set in the Port of KotOR in TSL's engine instead, this will make working on both mods a lot easier and will also give me access to the content from both games once I have fully merged and integrated all of the files and lists.

If anybody for any reason in the near or far future wants to port the Port's Expanded Galaxy Project back to KotOR, they would be welcome to do so provided credit is given of course.

Sorry KotOR original players, you will have to get TSL and play the Port to experience any of the new content planned or already implemented for the first game, hopefully this might bring more people over to TSL as it is a good game that didn't get the attention it deserved from a lot of KotOR players for many fair reasons at the time, however in recent times it has been heavily improved thanks to the hearty efforts of many modders.

It is my hope that eventually both games will be played in TSL's engine using the Expanded Galaxy Project and any required mods all included in one package one-day!

Thank you everybody for the support for both ModDB pages, both main projects and any other expanded or side-projects that have appeared while I have been working on KotOR modding as a whole over the past two years.


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