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My taleworlds community account was deleted some time ago by myself...

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My taleworlds community account was deleted some time ago by myself. I'm sorry to confirm that the development of the mod is ceased. It's Final. All the work accomplished on this project has been stored away, for the sake of the up-not-coming-so-soon(maybe never) not-so-new version. Last betas of that version is in possession of some developers and testers. I'm hoping that you won't spoil it.


Irrevelant add: I never had another account in Taleworlds Community ever.

ManOWarRE - - 213 comments

Hmm, what a prick move. Anyways, you just signed deception of this mod, not more. Noone is going to be sad more than a week. So...

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ElvenPathtm Author
ElvenPathtm - - 9 comments

I may have let everyone down, but it's not a reason to say such words. I had my reasons and I have politely declared them many times. You don't even know what you're talking about... First and foremost, what do you have against me? Never mind, I don't want to see you reply.

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I_am_the_Specialist - - 19 comments

Belendor, you're being a real jerk about this. Ibanez has a reason to do this, and I know what she means.

Ibanez, if you are reading this, know that if you can come back (if you ever have time to), then you're always welcome. The admins will probably restore your account on TW if you ask, or you can create a new account. Regardless, best of luck with whatever you're doing in life now, and I hope you can enjoy yourself. :)

Ps: If anyone wants to bash you, I don't see why. Real life is more important than some mod for a game that most people haven't even heard of. ;)

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ManOWarRE - - 213 comments

Yes, i am jerk because i said something meaningful. She/he could always give the development to someone else, yet destroying everything with his going, meh.

Alas, i was waiting for release of such an awesome mod. Only reason that made my tongue this much harmful. I have nothing against you, to be honest i actually admire you yet means nothing.

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