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Im finishing making a new campaign for Tiberium Essence! 'Just the beginning... '

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Mission 3: From the Skies

"GDI Central Command, We have alien contact. I repeat we have alien [Static]" -GDI Soldier Witnessing Alien Invasion. Foreman, We have detected a massive hostile force in a city located on continent 2. This Force must be destroyed before they can put up a strong resistance. Our sensors indicate a massive base, Destroy it to distract them from threshold construction.

GDI Base


1. Destroy The GDI Command Post- We believe destroying this structure will disrupt communications within their ranks

2. Destroy GDI's Base- Use your base and army to crush GDI

3. *Classified* - *Classified* the large *Classified* *Classified*. Beware! (Play the mission to figure this objective out!)


I hope you guys like the mission and return to see more updates ;)


oh boy, some people going to get a rough wake-up call.

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very good, I look forward to the classified objective

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The classified objective is to *sniper shot*

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