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So now i'm became a part of O.G.S.E. team. It's very interesting to work with such a cool people, they are really strong in their field - scripters, programmers, testers - full team. Шn fact it is an honor for me to work with them and I am very pleased with this.

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O.G.S.E. team - known in the world of modding team, develops modifications, also to play Stalker. My role - world design (OGSE mod Realistic textures of vegetation and environment, weather system, weather effects, etc. One can say that I am a mini game-designer! =) Also they are working on O.G.S.E 0.7 for Clear Sky, which will be a really new step in all senses, and SoC will be in the past as a platform, there are much more opportunities in x-ray 1.5, (dx 10.1 and for example) but it's only a drop in the ocean.

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