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Sorry no new media today. Just another status update.

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Anyway... Sorry no new media today only a status update so we can keep our mod active here at ModDB. Kinda the reason we put the mod here.

Anyway here's the new updates...

Maps/Worlds: Me, Yu8, and Ry@n are working our asses off working with the first map. It seems a leak formed in our maps center which is a pain for us to go back and correct without removing our hard-work we have been doing for the past 2 weeks. So a new screen-shot of the first map will be shown... AFTER we get it completely finished. No more half-done rooms.

Models: Brian has been working on some props to place around the facility. So far everything looks good. Just needs a little more work.

Materials: I have been working on some new materials/textures for our facility so it won't be as... depressing or... dependent on HL2's textures. Less to load from somewhere else.

Acting/Choreography: We won't start working with our Voice Actors until we get a respectable environment and models set up. So this is still on HOLD.

Coding: We have removed the gravity gun from the source code you will not be able to use it in this game. So... Don't ask for it. Seriously... Stop asking for it. That also includes the ar2. The weapons we will use our in Features-->Weapons. No exceptions unless we decide otherwise.

Sound Effects/Music/Ambiances: We still need some help with this...

Overall: Good progress is going.... Nothing that is really effecting the mod in a negative way. Just one mod working its way to awesomeness.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to track this mod and tell your friends. I promise to release new media soon.


P.P.S. NO.

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