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Just an update on how the mod is going with things such as mission coding

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At the minute (27th of may 2015) I'm in the middle of exams. VERY important ones. So I'm taking a 2 week break so that way the exams will be over when I resume work. I have been making progress as you can see but I would appreciate it if anyone who knows how to code missions in radiant gets in contact ASAP as i could do with some help. I have also had the pleasure of receiving music from Marc Chait ( which I will be implementing into the mod. I have also begun a bit of work on the first proper level of the mod as I intend this to just be a demo level. The way it'll work is I'm going to make a bunch of battlefields historically accurate and each German and British/French/American level can take place in the same map. So it gives some alternate timeline effect if you know what I mean. I won't say which 'field it is but I will give a hint that it was the first major battle of WW1 (so all you history know alls can figure it out!). Anyway, enough of my blabbing, see you all again in 2 weeks! :)

James O'Connor

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