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Well, only a few things to finish until alpha4 and that will be shown below:

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Alpha4! It's been some time, however now it's time to finish some things!

The list:

-Coding weapons (capacity, damage, delay until next attack): Complete!

-Coding some NPCs (hornet trails, and things): Complete!

-A splash screen: Made one, but i need a new one

-The theme song (media/gamestartup.mp3): Complete!

-coop_mission1: 40%, finished the first floor, working on the second floor, added an elevator

-Basic voice acting (the protagonist's speaking, some NPC sounds): 25%

-Coding sprinting: 0%, more likely to come in the beta, and i don't have any idea on how to replace walking with sprinting (when i press the walk button, i sprint)

-C1E2P1 (the second campaign level): 60%, basement is half-complete, just added a crowbar in there, put a piece of bread on the table, added vegetation, need to put a changelevel

-First day in the new universe (the new training room): 9%, teleportation sequence at the beginning, added 2 cars driving around the city, added "Training Area" sign, need to add a changelevel so the player can enter the building...

Modelling: 0%, need to make a crate prop, need to make a new weapon model.

The mod itself is around 10-20% complete, maybe less. And i NEED ideas. And i'm accepting any requests.

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