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Just the Bio section from the grand article sent out, in case ya wanted to know more of the hosts.

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A bit of Bio from the cast of the Matt & Zach Show:

MattmanDude – (Recorder, Organizer, Editor)
Okay so, Zach told me I have to write a bio. I told him I would be happy to, so I pasted my bio from my Moddb profile. He said something akin to, make it more original noob. I said fine.

So here we are! So then… I’m Matt. I’m a guy who plays video games, and watches movies, and just generally enjoys himself. Also… I’m a cowboy… on a steel horse I ride (Wanted Dead or Alive reference FTW). Anything country and western goes with me. Well, okay… I draw the line at Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. They’re kinda… meh…

Anyway, I play a lot of games on my computer and Playstation 3, as well as my Playstation 2, PSP… and old Gameboy Advanced even. My favorite games are… well, I’ll save all those lists for the end.

So here’s my story… I’ll start from the beginning… I was born one day in 1993 in a small city in Southern California, USA. Hmm. Too far back? Okay skipping ahead a bit… umm… so when I was 5 I started playing Jedi Knight 1 (Dark Forces 2) for the PC. That’s when I was first exposed to video games.

Fast forward to when I’m 9... I get the first game I ever played through start to finish. Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. That’s when I first became what you might call a “gamer” (although I don’t like the term “gamer” much myself, due to the stereotypes the word invokes).

At 12 I got my first MMO… Star Wars Galaxies (you’re probably seeing the pattern by now… my parents were very strict when it came to violent games so Star Wars was pretty much all I could get that involved killing… thankfully I love Star Wars).

At 13 my Star Wars Galaxies account was banned because somehow it was hacked. One day I will find and exact my revenge at the bastard SOE Employee sitting in his cubicle who chose to ban me because I WAS THE VICTIM OF A HACKER! (insert rage here).

All this gradually turned into what you see here. The Steam, Moddb, and Source engine addicted cowboy always watching out for a good outlaw to blow away.


Mottos: Cowboy Up! Or Go Sit in The Truck! I’d rather ask forgiveness than permission.
Favorite Game: Red Dead Redemption
Favorite Genre of Video Game: Action/Adventure (prefer TPS)
Favorite Musicians/Artists/Bands: Toby Keith, Big & Rich, Bon Jovi, Ted Nugent, Brooks & Dunn.
Favorite Music Genres: Country, Classic Rock, Classical
Favorite Movie(s): Can’t really name just one. It fluctuates.
Favorite Genres of Film: Western, Comedy, Action
Favorite Actor: Bruce Willis
Favorite T.V. Series: Burn Notice, White Collar, Stargate SG-1, Boston Legal, NCIS, Gunsmoke. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Vader91 – (Graphics, Topic Search, and Advertising)
A modern day Confederate, Vader91 (real name Zach) is an independent thinker who peers outside the box, despite being considered a local Redneck. A strong military background, along with heavy education, leads to some interesting discussions. He has strong family values and prides personal honor and faith over everything else. A love of general science fiction and history also add to his personality. He is also considered around his home town to be “the modern day Mark Twain,” due to his always humorous and satisfyingly politically incorrect overtone. His security system is purely based on the second amendment.As for his gaming experience, Vader91 was exposed to computers at a very young age, though the first games were simple ones like Collapse and Pong. Fast forward a few years to roughly when he was 7. At this point, he had access to his first console, a PS1. Shortly there after, he got an upgrade to a PS2, of which he still plays today. He has since then received a PSP, and a powerful private laptop.(Honestly, I prefer writing in first person, but that sounded more professional)

Motto: “There ain't no such thing as a free lunch”
Favorite Game Genres: Strategy, Sandbox, some FPS
All-Time Favorite Game: Star Wars Empire at War, Forces of Corruption
Favorites in Music: Majority of upbeat Country (Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Charlie Daniels, etc) and strong classical (Wagner and all those other German names
)Media Genre preference: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Preferred Movies/Movie Series: Avatar, STAR WARS, Atlas Shrugged, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Patriot, Indiana Jones
Favorite Actor – Harrison Ford
T.V. Series of Note: Star Trek the Next Generation, Mythbusters, Transformers (both G1 and Prime), 20th Century Battlefields, Sci-Fi Science, Firefly, Deadliest Catch
Recommended Authors: Mark Twain, Robert Heinlein, Jules Verne, HG Wells


Vader likes Avatar? Dude come on, so many good movies in there but there is this to make it bad :(

And poor matt, getting banned because of being hacked? Wow dude you are unlucky. A lot.

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*Maybe he liked the futuristic style and the... adaptation from Pocahontas history.
*Yeah, getting banned becoz somebody hacked it is really bad =/
*Anyway lol Vader, also play on PS2 even today XD

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Vader91 Author

Mainly the Sci-Fi element, and the human technology (giant gunships, AMP suits, etc).

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