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The story of the Jurassic Park Hunter origin and how it connects with the mod series.Right now I have only written the first volume, but will eventually write the other volumes in the future. Enjoy :)

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Volume 1: Darkness

(A cold summer morning 60 miles from an unknown island,three poachers are riding on a motor boat)

John:*a tall,white man with black hair* Are you sure this is such a good idea, Mike?

Mike:*An equally tall man,black with brown hair*We're the most infamous poachers around!, how isn't this a good idea?!

John: We don't even know what is on this island. Mike: I heard that there were tigers. (A loud roar can be heard coming from the island)

John: I dont think that's a tiger.

Josh:*short,chubby white with blonde hair*(waking up from the loud noise,comes outside to find out what is going on) What was that?

John and Mike: I don't know! (Suddenly,the boat hits the shore and they all walk onto the erie beach)

John: this is so wierd, the maps don't even show what Island we're on.....

Mike:Must be Government property or something.(they all hear the same loud roar from earlier)

John: This definitely wasn't a good idea.

Mike: Oh,will you be quiet! There's nothing

To worry about!

Josh: What about (Points over the shoulders of John and Mike.

He sees a medium sized dinosaur with a green tint to its skin with a long neck and slender legs,Ornithomimus)

He doesn't look very nice!

John: He seems nice,at least it's not hurting us.

(All hear the same loud roar, the Ornithomimus runs away from the sound)

Where are you going!?

Mike: Creature must be scared of that noise.. let's just grab our guns and move forward.

(A couple hours later, they stumble across a large carcass of a dinosaur with a frill and a single large


John: Oh,it smells terrible! It must be fresh.

Mike: Something big had to take that down.

Josh: We should probably find shelter,it's

Getting dark soon and I don't want to find

Out what comes out at that time!

John: Fair enough..let's go find something

To use as shelter.

(About half an hour later of searching,they come across an old warehouse)

Mike: This is strange....

(All walk into the warehouse. They find old documents and papers about the island)

John: This island is called "Isla Muerta?"

Josh: This document says that John Hammond and Ingen own this island, Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar.

Mike: I remember reading something about the San Diego incident with that T.rex roaming about, killing everything

In its path.

John: Im going to guess that this island is filled with carnivorous dinosaurs as well, so we need to get off this island ASAP.

Mike: We should use this shelter for the night, we dont know what is out there and

It is more than likely going to kill us.

Josh: AHH!! I can't take this anymore!

John: woah! Calm down! You're going to attract things!

Josh: I dont care anymore!(pulls out a pistol) I'm not going to die by those sons of bitches that should have stayed extinct! I'm done!

(Puts pistol up to his head,but just before

He pulls the trigger, a pack of Raptors jump on Josh,killing him)

John and Mike: Josh!

John: He's gone now! We need to get away!

(John and Mike run as fast as they can into the jungle away from the raptors)

John: I think we're safe....

Mike: This is just craz-(gets bitten in half by a giant,rotten,reanimated T.rex corpse,Muerta rex)

John: Damnit it!!! Not again!!!

(Runs back towards the shed,to see if there are any spare weapons lying about.

Sneaking past the raptors, he finds a Double Barrel shotgun)

John:This should deal some damage

(slowly walks back to where the monstrosity had been seen)

John: I need a good shot to kill this thing.

(The Muerta rex suddenly bursts out of nowhere making John shoot the shotgun at its head, causing it to stumble for a bit)

John: Its weak spot is its head!

(John shoots it a couple more times in the head knocking it over,buying some time to escape.)

John: I need to get out of here!

(After a couple hours,John manages to reach the center of the island,discovering an old radio base)

John: I might be able to reach somebody!

(Walks inside the base,finding a radio,turning it on to send a message)

John: Hello?, does anybody pick up? I'm stuck on this island named "Isla Murta"

I'm in the center of the island inside a radio tower.

man on signal: I copy, we are sending out our agents now to come pick you up,we're recuiting you as well, we need someone who has done the inside job.

John: Thank you, I won't let you down.

(Flash forward 5 years later)

Hammond: I have a very important task for you, I want you to go to the islands and take the DNA of some selected dinosaurs for my new park! Can you do this?,Agent 1336...or should I say John.

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