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A list of what’s present in the current version, and what is missing.

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Here’s a list of what’s present in the current version (and what's missing):


  • Complete SP open map with:
    • 3 bosses. (done)
    • 6 unique vehicles. (done)
    • 1 black box with “lore”. (out of many)
    • it has a real “ending” but no “New Game +” option. (YET)
  • 6 “challenges” aka online co-op missions.


  • 8 upgradeable faction vehicles.
  • 6 unique vehicles.
  • 3 special vehicles.

Full Change Log:

  • v0.7
    • new: camera control with joystick.
    • new: auto-aim feature for main guns (AC & BG).
    • new: game session code for players to join without sharing IPs.
    • Limited turrets now pre-turn properly.
  • v0.6
    • remade the entire bullets system, their hit detection is almost perfect now, they move faster and and are more predictable.​
    • fixed torpedo movement, in the previous version they started to act weird being launched in weird directions and whatnot.​
    • fixed train encounter.
  • v0.5.1
    • fixed: the weird sound of the cars in the jump scene (intro)
    • fixed: base's columns have working "target" indicators now
    • "basic vehicle" and "fighter" drift much less, should be controllable now
    • enemies from the first area shoot less often.
    • enemies from the first, second, and third area have less HP (40%, 60% 80% respectively).
    • softer thunder SFX (intro)
  • v0.5
    • Electric storms now reset every time the player goes back to base.
    • Unlocking the first structures for the base is now faster.
    • New UI elements, like contamination sources (to help guide the player)
    • The game has two “parts”, and the base will get attacked in the second “part”.
    • The game can be finished now.
    • Main “story” elements with short “cinematics”.
    • All unique vehicles can be encountered at some point in SP now.​
  • V0.4.1
    • Fixed​: canceling a vehicle build would duplicate vehicles in garage (visually).
    • Fixed: collecting too many resources without resource teleportation.
  • V0.4
    • Added all unique vehicles.
    • Added all side missions.
    • Added difficulty options for SP.
    • Reworked LT (Land Torpedo) physics, again.
  • V0.2
    • Added unique vehicle.
    • Added side mission “WarMetal Defense”.
    • Fixed random bugs in MP (mostly AI related).
    • "Challenges" are easier to find (unlock).
  • V0.1.5
    • Added all Special vehicles. (3)
    • Reworked scrap collection.
    • Reworked LT (Land Torpedo) physics.
  • V0.1
    • First release.

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