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Here's a little more about where I want to take the game and as close as I can get to a time frame for certain milestones.

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Goals and Direction for JUNK!

Classic space action and real time strategy play. Semi-open game feel through the use of the 500 different sectors on the map that can each be inhabited by both player and enemy units. In the future the idea is to have a layer of multi-user play added onto this. Presently though I am working on the story points and the game code to make it all come together as cohesively possible.

Beyond the battles, there will be a much larger theme to this game and that is, well Junk.. of course! There will be ships that are specialized in moving around and sorting out damaged bits of ships and whatnot aka Junk Haulers, there will be science-y ships that will do science-y stuff with the Junk, to make better Junk stuff. Probably one more class of military ship, and the presently disabled(incomplete) Carrier, and Command class ships that will do their thing(s). Like taking large hordes of human ships through the portal system to other sectors to destroy alien scum.. and get some Junk.

I'll probably continue to put out builds every day or two for a while until I'm totally happy with the base functionality of the currently available demo, so please keep downloading and checking things out, I guarantee it will be better each time.

I'm aiming for first fully-playable demo with all sectors available and a basic story-line with a tutorial system by the 25th.

Following that I will work on getting the APK up on google play, and build some leader-boards and that kind of fun stuff, trying for first week or two in January to get this completed.

Until all that, it's just new features, bug fixes and builds.

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