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The 0.14 alpha version of the action-adventure Rogue-like (in space!) Junk E.T. has been released. All those who might be interested in providing feedback can get the new version and check it out.

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The Junk E.T. alpha version 0.14 is finally ready for release!

Junk E.T. alpha v0.14

This version introduces a rather large list of new content and features, primarily in the form of newly added room keys, and a stamina meter for displaying how much running power Dima has.

Additionally, we have added a bunch of new mobs (albeit with simplistic, placeholder AI for the moment), several new environments, a few new trash items, and many new effects and sounds.

A complete changelog of alpha version 0.14 is as follows:

Changes in version 0.14.0-alpha

Improvements and additions:

  • Added a stamina meter UI which shows if the character is tired or not.
  • Implemented three new environments: Rusty, Diner and Frozen Tundra.
  • Updated doors of Desert and Forest environments with animated versions.
  • Implemented keys and locked doors.
  • Reworked trash heaps and how fuel conversion works.
  • Mobs drop fuel orbs when they die.
  • Balanced weapon attributes.
  • Aurora Bee mob now leaves a trail of a harmful gas.
  • Added two new trash items: Floppy Disk and Poo.
  • Added 7 new mobs: Gib Pincer, Colonel Clux, Paste Maker, Bowl Buddy, Rhinowalrus, Hydra and Brocolops. (Note their AI is still very simple.)

Minor changes:

  • Restructured how environment loading works. (This opens a possibility for modding, although it's not a huge deal yet.)
  • Updated planet preview images.
  • Added a volume slider for sound effects in the options menu.
  • Decephalon shots are faster.
  • The floor under trash heaps are now dirty, as they should be.
  • Changed blood decal textures.
  • Each time a living entity gets damaged, there will be blood.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where fuel multiplier bonus would not reset before starting a new game.
  • Fixed Sasqualien and Xenapod AIs running after they die.
  • Fixed glitch causing entities not to flash when taking damage.
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