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The Alliance Rebellion June update is here. It is a special update with some relevant additions as the Starhawk or the Onager.

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In addition to the new stuff, there are many updates from other good things in the mod as new particle effect textures with better resolution, more correct size in the lasers from fighters, the improve from the scale in many particle effects, the balance from fighters/bombers/small ships from heroes in space, several fighters/bombers/small ships adding turrets with movement, the turrets addition from the Resurgent and an improve in the AI.

The Resurgente gets 52 new turrets, a complete weapons upgrade. It will not be the last unit from the First Order with a weapons upgrade.

The list of fixes distinguish by the improve in all the ground commanders, now they deploy their units in the begining, you can not control when deploy the troops but it prevents a crash in the end of battles.

The A5-RX in the previous screenshot recieves better textures with red stripes and much better resolution. There many textures in the mod updated with better resolution, without lose quality, even they look better than the smaller older textures.

The Starhawk MKI was added as a Resistance unit but it can be get after the Battle of Endor period. The Onager is a First Order unit because it was a hidden unit, very few times used in the Empire and moved to the unknown regions after the Empire fall. I recomend you read the Aftermath books if you want know more about the Empire falls and the origins from the First Order.

The Onager is a generic hero, it has a ground commander who he can call a orbital attack from this ship in orbit.

You can watch a complete video about it here.

The Starhawk is a powerful Battleship which it can defeat a ISD without problems and fight vs much bigger units.

About other upgrades. The most relevant is the balance from the fighters/bombers/small heroes ships where differences better more powerful and less powerful units are bigger. At the same time, heroes are very good against other fighers/bombers.

Big turbolaser ships can target fighters but as showing this small ships avoiding the big weapons, the amount of damage in them is minimun.

At the same time, many more fighters gains shadows and you will see their reflect flying above the bigger ships. Other addition are turrets with movement in some of these ships.

All these changes in the small ships will help you maintaning your fighters alive and you will not lose them in two shots if they are more powerful than the enemy units.

About the AI improves. There are not any more a reinforced fleet from the enemy entering the space maps after some minutes which you can avoid with a interdictor. These reinforce units are deployed in the begining if the units deployed by the AI are not more than a small number. In ground, there are some small improves relationated with the type of ground units builded by the AI.

Well, this update was released few days ago, you can find it only in the EAW Steam link shows down in this news.

You can see the watch the credits from the mod here.

You can find the mod at and more about it at my web site where you will find my discord, the new encyclopedia, deviantart, youtube channel and more, many more

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