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We've made major progress on Lord of Rigel over the past few months and preparing to release our tactical combat demo.

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Lord of Rigel has had quite a bit of progress over the past few months. We're inching closer to our next release which will include the skirmish mode for the game and two species (Human and Katraxi) to play with.

Skirmish mode will include medium level techs and up to cruiser sized ships. In Skirmish mode you can pick planets out of procedurally generated galaxies to fight over and build custom ships with fleet layouts of your choice.

For those interested in following our development, we frequently update twitter #lordofrigel and our facebook page. So please follow us there! In the past month we've released concept art on a number of species and wallpapers on twitter and facebook showing off numerous fleets including the enigmatic silicon based Tulocks and the menacing reptilian Tharrn.

Over the coming weeks we'll also see a few Lord of Rigel website.

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