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After several months of grueling development much progress on Deluge has been made, involving overhauls to major elements such as player abilities, monster AI, level design and many assets related to weapons and props.

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Gameplay Updates:

  • Overhauled player movement physics for more precision and control
  • Expanded player magic abilities and assigned them to hotkeys
  • Reworked monster AI to be more responsive and active
  • Optimized weather and particle effects
  • Added a new HUD
  • Added locational damage
  • Split up "Meatmen" into two new monsters - Swarmers and Cloakers (with unique spritesets for each)
  • Added floating physics to corpses in water
  • Reorganized Deluge-specific options for easier customization of controls and weather/effect settings
  • Added a new tutorial map, expanding the map amount to 7.
  • Changed Rifle's altfire to a harpoon launcher capable of pinning monsters to walls

Content Updates:

  • Replaced entire spritesets for the Junker Shotgun and Inverse Energy Destructor
  • Remixed four music tracks
  • Updated melee and magic hand sprites
  • Replaced several placeholder prop sprites with models
  • Overhauled map lighting and 3D skyboxes
  • Improved sprites for many minor props
  • Added several new visual effects sprites
  • Added sound environments (reverb and echos) around various map areas
  • Replaced sounds for three monster types
  • Added shaders for underwater and low health states
  • Replaced several placeholder sound effects, both ambient and gameplay related
  • Added several new meat trees
  • Added and updated many textures, especially meat-related ones
  • Reorganized sound channels
  • Generally cleaned up and organized code better






This looks amazing! 😺

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smells like cacowards

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You've got a great atmosphere going there.
Really unique.

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