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The patch notes and a short Q&A for the Alliance at War mod. :^)

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Hello community, so as I was uploading the update, I was reminded of how I used to upload more regularly. Well, here is the patch notes.

* Brighten some dashboard icon's.

* Reduced the amount of shot fired from the turbolaser batteries on the MC75 Star Cruiser.

* Reduced the shield strength of Lucrehulk Prime from 49000 to 20000.

* Increased maintenance cost for structures in GC.

* Super-hyperroutes ( Corellian Run, Corellian Trade Spine, Hydian Way, Perlemian Trade Route, and Rimma Trade Route), now appear wider and will over a greater income bonus. Ships can also move quicker on them. 25% speed up from the standard trade route.

* Vjun and Yavin 4 have been re-positioned on the GC map. They are now closer to their Canon locations.

* Vjun's max starbase level has been increased by one.

* Yavin 4's max starbase level has been decreased by one.

* Increased Vjun's base credit income and increased its credit bonus when captured from enemy forces.

* Slightly edited the main menu map... Again.

* Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance space upgrades now effect the Venator-class Star Destroyer.

* Increased the cost of the Venator-class Star Destroyer in Skirmish battles. Was 2000, is now 3400.

* Increased the cost of the Liberator-class Cruiser in Skirmish battles. Was 3400, is now 3700.

* Slightly changed the blaster bolt color and size for some projectiles.

* AT-TE Mass Driver turret received a damage buff. Is now 25 base damage per shot. Was 10.

* Changed the Y-wing ion cannon projectile.
Note: might change this again later.

* Geonosis max starbase level has been decreased by one.

* Added the Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer for the Rebel Alliance.

* Fixed an issue where the A.I. might build the same three structures in some GC's.

Okay, Q&A time, ha.

Q: Larry-3, how long will you continue support for the non-Steam version?
I have been thinking about that. I do not want some of the players that took the time to play my mod yet do not have Steam to feel left out, but do this also increases my workload. Not by much... Maybe... I do not know. It would depend on what I am doing. For now, enjoy this specific update. I cannot say what I will do. It is up in the air. I just do not want to be that modder that says "go get Steam." You know, the disk version has its advantages, too. Petroglyph released an update earlier this year for the Steam version, and it cause the game to be buggy. Saves now take longer and sometimes GC can crash. I hope Petroglyph releases a follow-up patch for that.

Q:You are adding the Providence-class. Does it follow the same build rules for most Clone War era tech?
Oh yes. Any Clone War era tech can be found on planets with a Black Market, a planet with a planetary bonus that unlocks it, or a story script. In this case, the Providence-class can only be unlocked on a Black Market world with a level 3 starbase or higher. Currently that is only Nal Hutta, but there might be more in the future. Maybe.

Q: Will you add one planet start GC?
If one goes through the GC list, they will see there is currently already two, ha. Just read the GC info, ha. One if for the Galactic Empire versus the Rebel Alliance. The other is the same but added the Zann Consortium.

Q: What would you suggest for new players that will play Skirmish first before playing a GC?
Because the dashboard can only display so many units and upgrades, you might not be seeing everything. Say you are at a level 5 starbase. Well, you might not see the Lucrehulk unless you purchase all the upgrades to make room for the other units. In fact, my tip would be, purchase all the upgrades before advancing to the next level of starbase in a skirmish. If an upgrade disappears, purchase a hero unit to make room for it. When you have everything, you should have room for all the units you can keep building when you are at a level 5 starbase.

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