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We promised to keep you updated and here we are again with another media release. This is what's been happening.

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June 2017 Media Release

We promised to keep you updated and here we are again with another media release.
This is what's been happening:

Since we last updated you we've been hard at work composing, animating, modeling, drawing concept art and much more, some of which we'll show off in this article and some that will be shown off later in another article.

To start this off this media release we have three tracks we’d like you to listen to. These are all tracks to be featured in the mission `Recoil`.

All tracks composed by our talented composer, David M.

Last time we showed off a couple of guns, here are two more

Just look at this bad boy, the Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE
Capable of literally blowing your mind, and then some.

We also have an AKM model to show off, but this one was made by our animator, this is also their first model ever and we think it turned out great!

This beauty was made by our second wonderful 3D artist, Hoàng L.

Recovered Operations: Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The AKM made by our fabulous animator, Budai G.

Recovered Operations: AKM

Since we all like weapons in motion, here is a look at the Beretta 8000 2.0 and Desert Eagle

“Didn’t you show off the Cougar in the last article?”, you may ask. And the answer to that is yes. Yes we did. Our animator has been hard at work trying to find their style and they finally have found their own unique style of animating, and this is the Cougar and Desert Eagle in action with this new style applied.

Done by our fabulous animator, Budai G.

Recovered Operations: Beretta 8000 2.0 Animation Set

Recovered Operations: Desert Eagle Mark XIX Animation Set

Now over to some concept art, these are some of the key ST6 operatives

From Top to Bottom: Commander, Delta Sniper, “Operative” w/ outfit concept.

These concept art pieces have been put together by our (yet again) wonderful 2D artist, Hoang L.

Recovered Operations: ST6 Commander

Recovered Operations: ST6 Delta Sniper

Recovered Operations: ST6 Operative w/ outfit concept

What next...?

And that concludes the media release article, and as promised we'll continue putting effort into Recovered Operations. Make sure to keep checking in as we will stay in touch with the community through our forums, as well as posting updates on ModDB.

Looking for Help

We're looking for talented individuals. If you have any expertise in the following, please contact us.
- 3D artists (previous experience with Source is a plus)
- Programmers (experience with C++ and Source is a plus)
- Animators (experience with animating characters is a huge plus)
- Level designers

Or if you have any other skills you'd like to provide,

Email us at ''.

Until next time,
Cracked Computer Studios

Official Links:

Twitter | Facebook | Steam


Great update guys, real stand-up job you guys have done here! looking forward to the media release on SMC!

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GamerDude27 Author

Thanks for the kind words! And we're happy to hear you've been tracking us through our community channel on Discord.

For anyone that hasn't joined our Discord channel you can do so here:

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Fantastic work! THe whole project is a MASSIVE undertaking, but it's nice to see you delivering some high-quality models! :)

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GamerDude27 Author

We are hard at work to deliver the best quality we possibly can!

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Fantastic work , about animations... the shooting animations are too robotic. The recoil just looks incredibly artifical.

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Very nice! I'm glad to see this mod moving forward, the soundtrack is quite fitting and part of me is happy that you are not doing a 1-1 remake of the original game.

Keep the good work!

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GamerDude27 Author

We're glad to hear you like the tracks we've shown off, we can safely say that RO won't be a 1:1 remake of the original. It'll be more like a re-creation/ re-imagination of it.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Undoubtedly it's a thing we need in these dark times.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

absotluetly cant not get behind this game just yet because you not for once have we been given a BETA or an ALPHA!!! we need one so bad so we can get a feel like of the game before release

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GamerDude27 Author

We have no plans to publish any open or closed ALPHA or BETA builds of Recovered Operations. We'll conduct playtesting in our own way when the time is right.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

also the link is broken on the person s name that has model for the game and forums web

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GamerDude27 Author

Thanks for pointing this out!
We've fixed the forum link but didn't find any error with team member re-direction.

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