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Shores of Iron, or SOI has taken a big step forward the last few days with new ideas, team members and content.

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Thank you all for watching SOI here is a overview of our progress so far.

As you might have seen on some screenshots the worlds is being completely redone, the world that earlier was 4x4 Km is now being resized and reworked to 20x20 Km, this offers the players even more freedom and possibilities.

World overview World overview

Note: The world overview images are taken about 1-1,5 km's above ground.

Building how will it work? I understand that many have questions surrounding this topic, it will work as such as, the players choose the building they would like to build through an interface, when the building is chosen and the player has got enough resources (wood, stone, iron and so on) he may place the building freely in his view, he may rotate and move a holographic image of the building chosen around and when placed, the fun part starts, building, depending on the building size and building skill of the player, it may take seconds or hours.

As for new content an approximate amount of 150-200 mb's of models have been added the last few days to SOI, this was completed after 14 hours of work by 2 persons working nonstop.

New ingame models. New ingame models. New ingame models.

And one last thing, welcome our new team member Sami Tahrraoui, a talented 3D artist who is also working on the MERP mod for Oblivion.

That is all from us for now.

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