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Here is the latest gameplay trailer and an invite to sign up to play the JumpTanks on our newly launched website.

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We just launched a web page where you can to sign up and have a chance to play the Jump Tanks Pre-Alpha Preview build. We will be choosing players and sending out Steam keys over the coming weeks.

You can sign up right now at:

We hope that players will have fun and that we can work together to identify areas we can improve. We will be listening and taking ALL feedback into account. We have a base implementation of a lot of the core functionality however we still have a lot of content to build, tune and polish. The coming weeks will be super helpful in making sure we are making the game that YOU want to play.

Each week we will be posting our build notes and hopefully Streaming and capturing these play sessions. If you are a Streamer our Youtuber you will have full rights to capture and post during the preview.

The video shows a new level we have in the works. We showed a bit of the level a few weeks back in a post about Dynamic Arenas. One of the main elements of the level is that the sea level is randomized each time you play. This means that some sections of the level will be submerged. The middle sections of the map can be completely flooded requiring players to hop across building roof tops or to use the cross-crossing bridges to past.

As we update the game, please check back for new screenshots and videos. Please consider tracking the game on IndieDB by clicking "Track this Game" on the right panel of the main Jump Tanks page.

Thanks again and let us know any comments or suggestions.

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