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Hi Everybody, we just added the new "Jump" feature, the new "Battlefield PromotioN" addon and the Lua Scripting has been improved.

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Hi Everybody,

New Feature: Jump
You are now able to use the jump function. By pressing "J" you can open the jumping window which you may know from playing replays. You
can enter any GameFrame(GF) which hasn't been passed yet. That way you can jump to any GF without playing or waiting for a long time.
That way you can test your maps, skip waiting times. Be careful, the AI continues playing while jumping!

New Addon: Battlefield Promotion
If you enable this addon, any soldier will be promoted if he kills an enemy. This may helps on maps with low gold resources or when
playing without any gold. If playing without gold but with battlefield promotion you may also set the maximum soldier rank.

Improved Lua Scripting: New functions
Lua Scripting has been improved. This feature has been added in 2012 but has been improved a lot by Maqs this week. You are now able to
send messages to players, add wares, count buildings, add people, add objects, ... and much more. You may read the full article here:

Update Video:

P.S.: Has anybody encountered any asyncs lately?

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