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July 2009 was jam packed with Stargate news, ranging from home releases to Stargate Universe.

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Stargate Atlantis Complete collection announced.

The complete collection with all 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis will be released in a tin box set. The set is expected to be available on shelves in the US (Region 2) on October 6. for an price of about $260.

Jan Rubes passes away at 89.

Jan Rubes, known for his portrayal in Stargate SG-1 of Nicholas Ballard; Dr. Daniel Jackson's grandfather has passed away at 89. While he only appeared in season 3's "Crystal Skull", he had a distinguished career appearing in over 40 films. Rest In Peace.

Official Stargate site renovated.

MGM has renovated the Official Stargate site, along with a sleek new look, the revamp has brought many new and improved features. Improvements and new features include; more videos (bloopers!), a larger photo gallery, Photosynth 3D tour, full SG-1 episodes (US only; easy there Mularac) and improved interactivity. Another significant change is the addition of the Stargate Universe section in preparation for the premiere of the latest show of the Stargate franchise.

2 New Trailers for Stargate Universe.

The July trailer entitled "Survive" showed the Destiny stargate dialling, while the Comic-Con trailer gave us the first glimpse of the "Destiny" and an action packed look into the new series.

The "Survive" trailer can be seen here. The Comic-Con trailer can be seen here.

More Stargate Blu-Ray releases in near future doubted.

With the Stargate Atlantis "Fan's Choice" Blu-Ray release approaching, MGM and Fox stated that the "Fan's Choice" disc is the only "planned" Blu-Ray release for the Stargate Atlantis series. No word on the status of a Stargate SG-1 Blu-Ray collection yet, if any. Stargate Atlantis: Fan's Choice will be in stores on August 4.

Stargate Universe premiere date announced.

SyFy (formerly SciFi) has announced October 2 as the premiere date for Stargate Universe. The premiere will be a 2-hour screening of the episode titled "Air". Those of us without cable TV in other parts of the world will have to wait...or not.

Comic-Con Stargate Universe panel video posted.

For those of us who did not go to Comic-Con, SyFy has graciously posted video of the whole Comic-Con Stargate Universe panel here, but a warning, the video is about 46 minutes, so it will be quite a large download. Plus, for a change, those outside of the US can view the video, enjoy!


sounds good hey i have sky do you think they will show it on sky 1 because they show sg1 teice a day at six oclock here lol

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Not sure. Although Sky has the rights to SGU and plans to start airing episodes in Autumn (in the northern hemisphere).

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That's Affirmative!

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