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Alpha 2 has been released to a limited group of alpha players. We will be expanding our player group as we move along.

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Second release of Judgment closed alpha

Alpha 2 has been released to a small group of people, although twice as many as alpha 1. We will slowly expand the group of players that are exposed to judgment as the stability and content of the game improve. If you have signed up and asked to participate, please be patient.

If you have not signed up yet, you can do so from the game page or home page.

World map explored

What's New

This is a summary of the main features and changes since alpha 1. To see more details about each feature you can read the dev updates in this blog.

  • Armor mechanics - Craft armor and equip your colonists to improve their chances of survival

  • Multiple saved games - You can now create as many save files as you like, outside of combat.

  • Defense preparations - When attacked, you now get a chance to equip your colonists before combat.

  • Defensive Structures - You can now build these structures in your colony to help in it's defense.

  • Research Tree - When clicking the research button you will now see the entire research tree that is currently available (more research will be added before final release)

In addition to releasing alpha 2 we've been working hard on promoting our Greenlight campaign.

Log CabinStone HouseDark Altar

Plans for the future

We will spend the near future on adding a few important mechanics such as the Scales of Judgment and combat abilities, and adding new content (more monsters, weapons, research and more).

Expect to hear more updates soon.

HellgateHospitalMilitary BaseFactory

Here are a few screenshots from our alpha players (thank you Zerwas)



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