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Hello ModDB. JPMaz Studios has arrived! Learn about our current work and future plans.

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Hello Moddb. Being a user for a long time, making a page for our future-company in here is very exciting. The community here is awesome.

I'm JPiolho, and I'm one of the founders of JPMaz Studios along with Mazur. We're two guys that started their gaming development back on good ol'Half-Life 1, and now we're ready to move on to independent engines and games.
When thinking about our first game as JPMaz Studios, we had to do something simple, yet fun. After looking around the internet for a while we finally got the game we wanted. Gravity Cat was born.

Gravity Cat is a platformer game that focus on solving puzzles with the aid of the gravity boots. These gravity boots allow the player to shift gravity in 4 directions, and along with that there will be lots of stuff to interact with. You can read more about the story and follow the game development in Gravity Cat moddb profile. We're hoping that with Gravity Cat we'll earn some revenue to get an office up and running.

While gravity cat is being developed, other game ideas storm our minds. These ideas will eventually materialize. For our next game, we're looking at some MMO options. Well, I can't say more for now, but you'll hear about it sometime later.

Oh yeah, we've also been working on our website, which should be up in a couple days.

Keep tuned for more news!

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