I'm Not Dead! JPDS lives on... New screens and plans on release.

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JPDS has not been dead, but has been making progress in small jumps (not helped by the fact that I am essentially the only one left working on it). There are some "new" screenshots uploaded to have a look at some of what's been going on. Thanks to a new daily schedule I've created, progress is becoming more regular and I anticipate much greater speed in the approach to the finish line.. I am also saving the best for the release. ;) I won't comment on WHEN the release will be until a beta is ready but I am hopful that I can get a beta version done by sometime in November. It's relevant to note that I have begun a community project concerning Trespasser at forums, called Trespasser: Reloaded, but I have made sure this has not taken away time from JPDS since after I got that up and running. That modding project will not get a moddb page until it's at least half ready. I also have a very secret project in concept and planning, to be looked into while beta testers have a go at JPDS and started in full after JPDS1's release...

Also for those who did not already know, the JPDS project has had some major downgrades since its start. I am now entirely unsure if and when JPDS2 and 3 will ever see the light of day - I was for a while very tempted to do them (along with a smaller JPDS1) on a DIFFERENT engine, which may still happen but seems unlikely.. and also at the least, rather far in the future. So for now, the JPDS project is simply JPDS1 - with, sadly, the entire Embryonics Administration at the end removed. It was determined some time ago that it would need to be moved into a separate level, anyway, but I've now realized what a huge thing it would be to complete and I need to get JPDS off my shoulders, after nearly 5 years in development. Since I am now still interested in modding Trespasser, I may continue it at a later date... making an additional level called "JPDS~EA". Sadly, 90% of the thickly developed JPDS storyline was to take place/be revealed inside the EA, so JPDS1 is going to be mostly about the environmental achievements (virtually 100% free-roaming), new models/textures, and some various puzzles, which will only begin slightly to delve into the plot of JPDS.

Thanks to everyone for not banging my door down to get it released - it will be I swear!

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