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The new Joompy 2.0 providing a new multitude of features and IMPROVEMENTS!

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You can see the new trailer here

The new version of the Half Life 2 Beta Platformer Joompy IS OUT!

Here are the new features and QOL updates.

-New textures exported at max quality and are more vibrant

-A README,txt to help people install the game and where to do other STUFF

-A new GitHub repository which you can find here:

-A multitude of easter eggs, thanks to DogPaste, Walter.Dog, and GooseToes

-Working music, one of the new songs being Gasrunner composed by GooseToes you might find their channel where they make music.

-Ability to change your perspective with the buttons L and P

-More auto save points to make the game less rage inducing, which the game isn't really going for

-Added a new map security it serves no purpose now but in the future updates it will be more interesting, place here for added context

-Removed Herobrine

-Added music to the 'end part' trackname: talldoor

-Matt has a pet rat say hi

-Don't eat the scone

What will be next?

Some features we plan on adding are :

-Fully implemented customization system (Already was put here a tiny bit but its pretty broken)

-Quake jump sound for no reason other than joomp


-A new outdoor 'level' with a sky consisting of 3-4 parts


In the mean time I hope you enjoy it!



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