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Experience the fun of Jony Jungle Adventure! What do you do if you in the forest? You can encounter dangerous animals, forest obnoxious bees, carnivorous flowers and spiders

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Jony Mackey and his father had an adventure flight to Amazon thick forest. The Flight start away smoothly, but while flying the forest, they met the big storm rain. And the ice rain made a big hole in the crane which leads to the storage gas and water falling down. They had to land off emergency to a field which make Jony’s father had a big hurt in leg. Jony’s mission now is to find the lost gas and water, come back home with his father!


+ Easy and intuitive controls: You can control multicast games by swiping or touching

+ Scene will be automatically updated and changed by levels

+ New Arrivals with level 21 only (expected to be 300 levels

+ Some modules have no image (is completing, will update and fix code in the next version)

+ Suitable for all ages

Please Note:

This game is free to download and play. Especially, some game items can be reward if you watch video ads.

So what are you waiting for just go and download Jony Jungle Adventure now!

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