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The text half of the huge pre-release update/celebration to the re-release and remake of Part 1 of the horror series, The Worry of Newport.

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Part 1's remake is almost done. Last I left you at the unveiling announcement a lot has happened. Gameplay ideas have come and gone, the optimization to the engine has been adjusted more and more and most importantyl a lot of new creative ideas or visuals are slowly being piled onto the framework of true uneasy horror. But considering that this entire remake has been in single-man development for less than a month any extra time I use will be essential to polishing the final release and getting it right this time, which is why it has been pushed back to February 1st, 2011. A lot has changed since the first incarnations showed up in early november of 2010 and now. Now that the remake is around the bend, I can really show off what has happened since then.

This is the text half of the pre-release celebration. Seven pictures have been added to the media gallery, with a video following suit to show off some new optimization in the coming days.

First and foremost for the horror fan, I have recently immersed myself in both classic books and classic games in the genre, looking at ways to tell a horror story and what kind of atmosphere really hits home. This submersion of studying, as well as my experiment Anthology of Horror, has crafted the final experience for the remake. The fogginess and dracula-esque atmosphere of the initial release have been all but abandoned in favor of a very Lovecraft feel. Film grain, deep and rich colors and a distinct use of logs and writing captivates a more sinister feel than last time, rather than the dream like lonesomeness.

More of the uneasy, being-watched kind of horror is present here than before too, with subtle details nearly everywhere of the creatures, the residents of Newport (if any...) and so forth, including easter eggs all the way to just rustles in grass. I still cannot promise that this game is dangerous, it is not, it is merely a narrative/playable story, but said story has been fleshed out extremely well in regards to focus on the player. The game auto saves, you can't go off track, it's much less confusing, the lanterns guide the player better, and so forth and so on.

The entire experience is made with a more educated mind this time for level design and sandbox 2. Engine is better and optimized, no more ridiculous game breaking bugs or gameplay ideas like blowing out lanterns, etc. The experience is as it should have been, and you guys should love it.

Let me bring my rambling to a close. I don't want to spoil all the new additions, do I? I'll have technical papers on my Newport Colony blogspot tomorrow and the next day discussing the new engine and flowgraph system as well as the optimization that went into the map. For a more gameplay oriented changelog, it will be added as a bulletpoint filled Features page January 28th.

For any questions or comments don't hesitate to ask.

bobsbarricades - - 114 comments

Thanks for taking so much care with this. I'm really looking forward to the final work!

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Tempest_Wales - - 110 comments

Me too!

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bobsbarricades - - 114 comments

I'm surprised there aren't more people commenting. Hard to understand

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C-zom Author
C-zom - - 599 comments

My mod is a very small, very niche one right now. The original release was luke warm at best but attratcted still a respectable 70+ watchers. When the remake is out I expect people to finally show interest in the series so it can get enough interest/traffic to push part 2 to a release too.

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