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It's official. We are here. We are accepted. We are honored. So, Hi community! I hope you will like us. So let me talk a bit.

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Hi! We are here. We are honored. We have the first bit of gameplay footage, and the latest stable build. So yeah that is that.

If you finding us now: Hi! nice seeing you. We hope you will enjoy Rect. You might as well try our Facebook or Twitter, or just check out the webpage. But these are not important. What is important, that you download Rect, try it, have fun with it.

What should you expect:
- New updates of the game, the first might around the weekend.
- News about the development, testing
- Newer and newer gameplay screenshots, and footage, as we test day-by-day, we try to record some of it.
- A fun game, which is soon to be ready, but it is already completely playable, and only getting better.

What you should you do:
- Download the game.
- Play the game.
- Have fun with it.
- If you have a YouTube channel, please feel free to play it, monetize it. We only ask you, to send us a link, so we can see your reaction.

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