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Todays latest patch notes are available, expected to hit later today

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patch0 2

FIXED: Crafting system not being able to craft bandages
FIXED: Active quests in inventory now displays correct amount
FIXED: Weather PP being disabled at beginplay
FIXED: Random objective marker spawning at 0,0,0
FIXED: Objective not noticing that the player had picked up the rifle before the objective is displayed
FIXED: Aiming bug after looting NPC's.
FIXED: Burning zombie no longer damages you when dead
FIXED: Mercs will not shoot at exterior of barracks wall when player is inside

ADDED: Button spam protection on NVGs
ADDED: Enable Birch trees for harvesting
ADDED: Small stones to foliage on sandbox mode
ADDED: Empty Tin Cans for crafting
ADDED: Natural Twine for crafting
ADDED: Tin Can Alarm Trap can now be crafted
ADDED: Farming Plot can now be crafted
ADDED: Focus to shoulder zoom
ADDED: Additional ammo to downed NPCs
ADDED: First Aid kits to downed NPCs
ADDED: Bandages to downed NPCs
ADDED: Respawn sleepingbags to downed NPCs
ADDED: Sticks as a secondary resource from trees

UPDATED: NVG Glowing AI, now uses MPC (Performance gain)
UPDATED: Reduced NVG Glow
UPDATED: Merc's now require a direct line of sight before attack
UPDATED: Mercs & Zombies now attack each other
UPDATED: Mercs health has been nerfed
UPDATED: Mercs will now find cover before attacking, on sight of Players or Zombies
UPDATED: Projectile damage has been increased to between 7 / 20 damage
UPDATED: Flashlight can now be toggled with "Input Flashlight / Headlights"
UPDATED: All loot containers now have min 3 second timer
UPDATED: All loot containers now have relevent icons in UI
UPDATED: All lootable AI now have loot timer
UPDATED: All lootable AI now have relevent icons in UI
UPDATED: Rain shader now looks more realistic
UPDATED: Doubled Vital display time
UPDATED: On Zombie headshot death, they no longer run towards you.
UPDATE: Increased Weapon damage.
UPDATED: Objective hints to trigger immediately.
UPDATED: lootable and craftable icons
UPDATED: Tweaks to Merc behaviour

REMOVED: Bag shelves from armoury in Guard quarters
REMOVED: Weather MF from world mesh master shader (Performance gain)

NOTES: Allowing projectiles through a UE4 landscape spline collision will require a custom spline, look at Version 0.3 / 0.4 to impliment

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