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Icons and information about the Fire skill group of Jinx plus some sneak peaks!

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Greetings and salutations!

Last weekend we posted the first showcase of Jinx Fire skill group which you may find HERE!
Moreover we uploaded our System Explained Part 1 PDF at indieDB to get you acquainted with our class/skill/stats system. In case you missed that, you may download our weekly updated PDF Systems Explained from indieDB!

As you may have noticed we have substituted the term talent tree with skill groups (we will soon update the PDF as well). The reason behind this change is the fact that we feel the word Talents describe innate abilities, while Skills are more suited for things you practice. Moreover, we move away from the "tree" annotation since what we have been using has no tree resemblance or hierarchy.

So! This week we are more than glad to show you the icons and mechanics of the rest of the Fire skills plus a couple of extras..

Blazing Arc
Type: Active
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: None
Prerequisited: Immolating Orb or Rain of Incadescent Tears

Tongues of flame leap, reaching to extend their spread quickly and effectively, sharing the agonizing embrace of searing fire - and the fate of tormented screams and cinders.

Devouring Conflagration
Type: Active
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 rounds
Prerequisites: Exigent Pyre & 5pts of Fire Skills

A risky spell that intensifies any present flames - on foes and friends alike - causing them to consume all available combustible material in an instant and sear through anyone unfortunate to be caught by them.

Everlasting Blaze
Type: Passive
Ranks: 1
Prerequisites: Engulfing Flames

The primordial flame from which Jinx weaves his spells is eternal, and a glimmer of that heat fans the flames. The merest source of fire invoked such will burn until there is nothing left to burn, and long since its victim has perished.

Engulfing Flames
Type: Passive
Ranks: 5
Prerequisites: 5pts of Fire Skills

Ethrenos' fiery blood runs through Jinx's vein, and this inner fire acts like a focal point to any elemental fire he wields; flame latches tightly, burns deeply and consumes fully. The merest spark wielded so can grow to the largest blaze.

Spirit Burner
Type: Passive
Ranks: 5
Prerequisites: 3 ranks of Master Scorcher

Focus shatters when the body is engulfed in searing flames. Jinx's mastery over the intensity of fire is such that his enemies lose any semblance of rational thought at the merest touch of heat.

Since many of you have been wondering "who the heck is this Ethrenos fellow that his name keeps coming up in the fire skill descriptions", we thought it was about time to introduce him to you all.

Spawned from the embers of an elder Fire God, Ethrenos followed in the wake of his lord, spreading the fires of the Blazing One across the land. For more than four thousand years Ethrenos was instructed to claim and consume the weapons of his god's enemies so they may be destroyed once and for all.

This resulted in the disenchantment and utter destruction of countless weapons, some of them rather powerful. This melting procedure created an ether rift within Ethrenos, weakening him greatly and driving him to the brink of insanity. His master thought that it was about time to get rid of him and create a stronger, more reliable servant.

Ethrenos was saved by the Lost Viridescent the Dragon Goddess of Nature and Compassion. Sadly for his ex-master, Ethrenos did not show the same compassion to him and after centuries of plotting and scheming he exacted his revenge.

Ethrenos is the Forge master, the absolute crafter, the Tamer of Flame and Magma and patron of Pyromancers and smiths. Despite his destructive nature due to the fact that he was shown compassion by the most peculiar ally, he is eager to forget and forgive. Having said that, mortals who tend to cross him more than once are not spared by the God of Earth and Fire.

So this is it folks! Next week Water Skills are coming! Till then stay tuned follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know about Ethrenos and the fire skills!!!

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