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And then, finally, Maw level is completely DONE. Now, we're starting to work with JEDI BATTLEGROUND. And it's going to be big. Fixer worked in the mapping and it's done, but scripting will be the hardest part, because there are four different versions of Jedi Battleground.

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The four versions of Jedi Battleground are:

  • Light Side Kyle vs. Sariss
  • Dark Side Kyle vs. Yun (second time)
  • Sariss vs. Light Side Kyle (Positions inverted, that means, the player character will be Sariss instead of Kyle)
  • Yun vs. Dark Side Kyle

Mapping Jedi Battleground is done. Now, the scripting will be hard, with four levels to work.
Next demo... Will be a three-level demo! But a update is another thing, because the Maw level demo 3.0 will be released... soon.

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