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Voice work continues, fettered only by real life. Bug fixes ahead.

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So, voice work is still coming along nicely. I managed to finish Jeanette, and Beckett. Posted the video of Beckett to give people an idea of what to expect when this is all finally done.
My Damsel has been ill and unable to record, so that has been delayed unfortunately. Not that it matters. I am still having to scrape minutes together to work on this project lately.
In the meantime, I've been working on Isaac. I'm hoping to get the same level of quality as Beckett.

Also, while adding some new music to one of the quests, I discovered some more bugs I'm going to have to go back and fix, which was disappointing. Additionally, I'm beginning to even rethink some of the content of the Ventrue quest, based on some comments from a friend, so I may have to take that quest all the way back to REQUIREMENTS! Oh well, if I can get these bugs ironed out, and my Ventrue quest squared away, I should be about ready to release a test version while I continue voice work.

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