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I decided to make a few changes here and there as well as add in some things I know you all will love.

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A new beta is out!

After watching a few LP (let's play) videos and seeing how people were interacting with the game as well as some suggestions they made, I decided to make a few changes here and there as well as add in some things I know you all will love. So what's new in this version?


  • Title menu cursor added
  • Stage Select for level 2 patched (before if load on stage select tint was incorrect, now is corrected)
  • Finishing the "Kitty" sidequest enables you to have Kitty as your sidekick during battles, she will also follow you around for most of the time while you explore stage 2.
  • 4 new maps have been added- 2 new easter eggs have been added (3 new mini-games are now available to find in the game)
  • Finding easter eggs enables you to play the mini-games at any time in the game, simply by going to the menu and selecting the easter egg in items.
  • Food you gather for lunch can now be eaten if you accidentally take too much (be careful though, Shyla can get full).
  • Alternate route included in stage 1 "Shyla's Dream" area for those who have a hard time navigating through the level (new route includes mini-game).
  • Special bar length fixed
  • ATB gauge locations fixed (before was over HP amount, now is beside it)- Slimes in forest are more aggressive (before rarely attacked, now you better watch out).
  • Slowed down text display speed in some cut scenes
  • Pause option added, by using the ALT button the game freezes even if you are in a cut scene. The only time the pause feature will not work is when you are in battle.

For now that's it but I feel the updates and fixes really add onto the game very nicely, go ahead and download the new beta to check everything out!

Some screenies from the latest build:

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