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Todays latest patch notes are available, patch 0.6.1 now live on Steam

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FIXED: Campfire inventory displaying in other container inventories
FIXED: Ground spikes not being able to be placed
FIXED: Placing placables while left clicking in the inventory
FIXED: Meat being eaten up by campfire if no grill present

UPDATED: First Person mode enabled in sandbox level *
UPDATED: Default Key Bindings for pause menu to "Pause" & "Esc"
UPDATED: Default Key Bindings for First / Third person toggle to "P"
UPDATED: Compost prop is now usable in farming plots
UPDATED: Seed sack prop is now usable in farming plots
UPDATED: Nettles now recycle into seeds and natural fibre
UPDATED: Farming plots at derelict player building are now functional
UPDATED: Farming compost at derelict player building are now usable
UPDATED: Loot container balancing
UPDATED: Loot timers reduced on larger items
UPDATED: Merc reload and fire sound effects replaced
UPDATED: Inventory display animation is much faster
UPDATED: Fence moved back along fence line behind prison main building

ADDED: Button spam protection on inventory
ADDED: Fence splines that ignore projectiles (Inland fences only)
ADDED: World mesh for Natural Twine
ADDED: Icons for Natural Twine, Empty Can & Can Alarm
ADDED: Quad knocks Zombies off their feet

REMOVED: Unlabelled food from loot drops

*This has been placed in for testing, may be very buggy and is only available in sandbox mode

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