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This is third news update of our game in development. We are doing best we can to keep up game development. We are still looking for additional team members to speed things up, but we are doing fine by now.

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We are currently already 1 month in development of game and i can say that there has been already good progress. There is only 1 modeler in team right now besides me but that does not mean that we are not doing any progress on 3d department, actually we have made biggest progress right here. Almost all model assets are ready for demo level, we are now working on materials and other UDK editor stuff. I will be doing first test level scene as soon as we get scripted thid person-side camera view. I will be posting video how our levels will look like. We have had few new incommers in team over past 2 weeks, but actually those guys mostly werent serious. So far we are more or less team with 5 people who are dedicated to this project.
One of good progress from last week was that we have made agreement with Clysmic studio to publish and release our game. This is still not final decision but i am relaying on this.
So far we still have lot of work in front of us to complete demo, but i can tell you all for sure that demo will be ready in just few weeks, defenetly not more than month.

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